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A Client's Testimony: 
"How EMDR Changed my Life"

        Hello.  I am 42 years old and have been a single mother for most of my adult life. I am currently a Junior High teacher. I suffered from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, feelings of worthlessness, and PTSD since childhood stemming from abuse from my father. This was all I ever knew. Once becoming a parent, I knew I had to break the cycle of abuse and began working on myself and attending therapy. Therapy never helped, so I dove into self-reflection and started healing myself the best I could. However, it never failed that when what I called “PTSD attacks” would happen, my mind always went to suicide. I knew I was not truly suicidal, but the emotions were so strong, I honestly do not know how I did not follow through with those thoughts each time. In November of 2021, I had one of the strongest “attacks” I had ever had after a trigger. I found myself calling the suicide hotline for the first time. I knew I would not be able to fight another strong “attack” like that again.           


         I was told about EMDR therapy a few years prior by my physician, but since traditional therapy had never worked, I had dismissed it. After this last incident, I decided to give it a try. I had everything to lose if I didn’t. I found Lizy Wiggins, LCSW through my insurance. I had 8 free therapy sessions so I knew if EMDR therapy were to work, I had to give it my all and not hold back. Lizy was FANTASTIC!  What made this therapy different for me than traditional therapy is that I didn’t feel like I was focusing on the events that happened, but instead the feelings from said events. It wasn’t your typical “sit on the couch and tell me your problems” therapy for me to relive the painful events in detail for the therapist to tell me how to feel or react. With EMDR therapy, I shared a very basic version of the painful events, then focused on the emotions that came with it.


        After my first EMDR session, I could tell a difference. I actually started sleeping at night. In every session, I showed improvement. After my 4th session, my family could see a difference in me. After the 8th session, I could understand what it was to feel “normal”. It has been over a year since my last session and I have had no regression. Triggering events no longer brings trigger responses. In fact, EMDR therapy has made such a difference in my life, I made the decision to go back to college and change my career. I am currently in college for my MSW degree with full intentions of obtaining my LCSW degree and focusing on trauma and EMDR therapy. I never knew life without triggers and emotional trauma until EMDR therapy. Now I can say I am truly happy for the first time in my life. I want to help others like me to know that there is happiness after trauma.

Feedback from Prior Trainings

I'm so glad I invested my time and resources to take this. It was exactly what I needed to update my knowledge and skills. -MM

Lizy is a great instructor. Very experienced and knowledgeable.

Lizy is very clear and precise.  Very well presented and organized presentation.  The course is fantastic. -LG

Very well presented and convenient!  -KB

Hi, the course is great! The handouts are really helpful and I can't wait to start to use them. -GF

Learning new things is awkward, but I'm grateful for the guidance of Kim, Lizy, and Bonita in this training. They gave great feedback, were open to uncomfortable conversations, and offered encouragement as we learned things. -IP

Great content and really enjoying learning from Lizy. -HB

It was very helpful to see how you organized the -tx planning- the clinical themes - I often struggle to put this kind of stuff in a very usable, understandable fashion thanks.  Lizy is very knowledgeable and presents very well.  -TM

I learn something new every week and am bringing it into my sessions! Thank you! -EG

This was a great training. I was torn on where to take my EMDR training and I am so glad that I chose EMDR Restorative Consulting. -AM

This training has been not only extremely professional and high quality in terms of content and organization, but deeply heart focused, human and supportive. Thankyou, I feel like a better therapist and more supported professional already.

Lizy is such a great presenter. She's calm, collected and the timing is paced so well. I'm very much enjoying this series. -SM

This was an excellent training. The question - "What does that say about you?" was the turning point. I am interested in future trainings with Lizy on EMDR. Thanks! -KY

Great training and very helpful.  Trainers were very knowledgeable and very helpful. I was able to ask questions when needed.

Presenter was well organized and knowledgeable. She presented the material from a point of view of putting the client first, and making sure the client deeply knew and believed that they were safe, cared for, and capable to do the work. I haven't participated in a training where this perspective was so strongly threaded through.  Wonderful information, thanks for sharing! -LT

Great training. Very organized and engaging. The support from the trainers was exceptional. It is clear that the trainers have a huge depth of knowledge in the practice and theory of EMDR. Thank you!

EMDR Training

Came in skeptical, but this has been well put together and I feel like I learned a lot. I cant wait to learn more. A lot of the approaches were usable and also intuitive to what we need as therapists and also what we may encounter.

This has been a wonderful experience. EMDR seems big and intimidating but you made it digestible, safe, and enjoyable. Kimberly has been a great resource as well. Thank you again and I'm so glad I stumbled on your training.

This was a highly enjoyable learning environment!

Lizy is very supportive and clearly very experienced and committed to student's learning!

Great information and will be helpful in my practice. Thanks!!!

I thought this was super helpful! I have enjoyed the instruction and my small group has been amazing!

Enjoyable, Interesting and it was a good pace and guidance.

Thank you Lizy, Kimberly and Bonita for helping us in a very kind and nonjudgmental way! I'm so excited about using this with my clients!

All I can say is I feel so blessed and privileged to be able to participate in this training. It came at the right time in my career, and it is inspiring to think forward in my professional future.

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